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Brooklyn Truck Accidents

Brooklyn Truck Accidents

Friday, July 5th, 2013

The streets of Brooklyn are packed with large, commercial vehicles. Sadly, many of these vehicles are involved in truck crashes every year, leaving the drivers and passengers of smaller vehicles with serious personal injuries.

Despite their outward similarities to passenger-car accidents, truck accidents often have more than one liable party. For this reason alone you need an experienced auto accident attorney like Charles N. Rock on your side. Our attorney can investigate the cause of your truck accident, identify all liable parties, and fight to get you maximum compensation.

Truck accidents often result in serious or fatal injuries for those in smaller vehicles. The injuries sustained in truck accidents have the potential to result in significant financial, physical, and emotional damages, many of which can be permanent. Without an aggressive auto accident attorney on your side, you may never see a penny of what you will need to recover.

Mr. Rock has years of experience establishing liability in truck accidents. With the ability to litigate even the most complex cases, our attorney provides rock solid representation to our clients and knows how to fight to get you every penny you deserve.

If you have been involved in an auto accident in or around Brooklyn, New York and would like to learn more from our lawyer, please contact Charles N. Rock to schedule a free case evaluation.
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