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Construction Accidents

May 14, 2016

Back in February, it was hard to miss the news of the giant crane that toppled in the middle of Manhattan, which killed a 38-year old Upper West Side...

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Dec 04, 2014

Slip and Fall Accidents and Injuries Thursday, December 4th, 2014 Though slip and fall accidents might sound minor, the injuries they inflict can significantly impact your life both immediately...

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May 20, 2013

Amputations as a Result of Construction Accidents Monday, May 20th, 2013 Amputations are some of the most devastating injuries our Newburgh-area construction accident attorneys see. A construction site is...

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Jan 10, 2013

Types of Construction Site Accidents Thursday, January 10th, 2013 If you work in construction, you know certain risks come with the job. While you may accept these risks, you...

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Dec 28, 2012

Manhattan Workplace Injuries: Reporting Your Injury to Your Employer Friday, December 28th, 2012 If you have sustained a personal injury on the job, you should notify your employer as...

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Jul 29, 2012

Who is Responsible for Construction Accidents? Sunday, July 29th, 2012 Construction sites have some of the most dangerous conditions of any workplace in the country. In fact, the construction...

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Jul 27, 2012

Causes of Construction Accidents Friday, July 27th, 2012 Construction sites present many hazardous conditions for workers. The operation of heavy machinery, working high off the ground on scaffolding, unsafe...

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Feb 24, 2012

What is premises liability? Friday, February 24th, 2012 When a property owner fails to maintain the safety of their premises – or when they do not warn visitors of...

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Feb 23, 2012

Construction accidents Thursday, February 23rd, 2012 Construction work demands a lot from its employees and often puts them in potentially dangerous situations. Construction companies must take every possible precaution...

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