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Causes of Construction Accidents

Causes of Construction Accidents

Friday, July 27th, 2012

Construction sites present many hazardous conditions for workers. The operation of heavy machinery, working high off the ground on scaffolding, unsafe work areas, and misuse of tools and equipment create many opportunities for construction accidents to occur. Unfortunately, the injuries caused by these accidents are often devastating, resulting in life-altering injuries.

Some of the most common causes of construction accidents include:

  • Unsafe working areas – Negligent maintenance of work sites often results in uncovered holes, exposed stakes, and other obstacles which may lead to a construction accident. It is not surprising that slip and fall accidents are one of the most commonly occurring type of construction accidents.
  • Falling hazards – Construction workers on scaffolds, cranes, ladders, stairwells without guardrails, and rooftops are regularly at risk of suffering injuries due to a serious fall.
  • Power tool accidents – These accidents most often occur when construction workers fail to use the appropriate protective gear. Nail gun injuries are a common cause of eye damage among construction workers.
  • Cave in accidents – Cave-ins caused by trenching hazards result in a large number of construction accidents every year. Falling soil and rocks can cause construction workers to get trapped and suffer asphyxiation from lack of oxygen.
  • Electrical accidents – There are several causes of electrical accidents, including inadequate ground-fault protection, defective extension cords, and contact with power lines.
  • Defective equipment – Defects in the heavy machinery used at construction sites can lead to devastating injuries.

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