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Do I have a Product Liability Claim?

Do I have a Product Liability Claim?

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

When you are seriously injured by a product you used, you may have a product liability claim. In order to have a claim, you must have been injured while using the product for its intended purpose. You must also be able to show damages from your injury, such as expensive medical bills or lost wages.

The three basic types of product liability claims are based on:

  • A manufacturer failing to warn of a danger they knew about.
  • The design of the product is dangerous or defective.
  • The product packaging did not adequately warn of dangers or did not provide adequate instructions for how to use the product.

During your consultation with our attorney Charles N. Rock, he can discuss examples of product liability and cases he has handled in the past. There are many different ways a defective product can be the subject of an injury claim.

If you were using the product for something it was never intended to be used for, then you may not be able to pursue a claim. Our experienced product liability attorney can help you determine if you have a claim or if there are any factors making you ineligible to pursue compensation for your injury.

To find out if you have a product liability claim in Newburgh, please contact Charles N. Rock, PLLC, for a free case evaluation.
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