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Pain and Suffering Damages

Pain and Suffering Damages

Monday, June 17th, 2013

In a personal injury case, you are entitled to pursue compensation for the actual monetary value of medical bills, lost wages and other consequences of the accident. However, Kingston-area residents who have been hurt by another person’s negligence or misconduct are also able to ask for compensation for the less easily quantifiable pain and suffering they endured. Our experienced personal injury attorney can help.

The state of New York does not place a limit on pain and suffering damages in personal injury cases.

Our personal injury attorney understands that the true agony of your post-accident life often doesn’t show up on ledgers or wage statements. You deserve compensation for the pain you suffered as a result of someone else’s mistakes.

Pain and suffering can be difficult to demonstrate, which is why it’s so important to choose a personal injury attorney with experience in the New York court system.

We understand what’s required to demonstrate pain and suffering. We’ll guide you through the process of documenting your pain and arrange expert medical witnesses who can testify to the pain that is associated with your injuries.

If you need an experienced personal injury attorney in the Kingston, New York area, please contact Charles N. Rock, P.L.L.C for a free initial consultation.
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