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Points on Your Driver’s License for Talking and Driving

Points on Your Driver’s License for Talking and Driving

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

It used to be that in the state of New York you got a traffic ticket and a $100 fine for talking on a handheld mobile phone and driving at the same time. Doing just that has been against New York law for years, but the law had no teeth. So many drivers did it anyway, in large part because the punishment was so slight. Now there’s been a change to the law: the addition of two points on your driver’s license as punishment for the traffic offense. The law is an effort to cut down on distracted driving that, according to CBS News, causes one-fifth of all car accidents in New York.

At the time of writing this blog entry, there are 20 comments to the CBS News article. Many people clearly support the law, but still doubt that it will be effective, or feel that it’s nothing more than a revenue-generating scheme. Here are a few choice comments:

  • “Claudia” wrote: I’m all for it but I doubt the fine and points will apply to everyone since some of the biggest offenders of talking while driving I’ve seen lately have been the police.
  • “Cos” wrote: Let’s be frank, shall we? Although I agree that texting/talking while driving is dangerous and does deserve to be treated as a ‘moving violation’, the truth of this is that NY is broke.
  • “Frank” wrote: I drive 40K miles per year. Yesterday I saw a NY driver in the left lane of the NJ turnpike bounce off the divider wall while texting.

And the kicker: “Hey, why not make cellphones that explode if they sense that they are traveling at more than two miles per hour,” says a commenter named Jimmy D’lox.

Source: Talking and Driving Will Now Cost You 2 Points
Category: Car Accidents
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