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Effects of Chiropractic Stroke

Any stroke can cause serious neurological injuries that are often permanent. The effects of a stroke can have a severe impact on both your physical and mental capabilities.

If you have suffered a stroke due to chiropractic malpractice, pursuing a claim against the chiropractor responsible for your injuries may help you get the financial support you need as you deal with the long-term effects of stroke.

At the Law Offices of Charles N. Rock in Newburgh and the Bronx, we help clients nationwide pursue fair compensation for chiropractic strokes. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with experienced chiropractic malpractice attorney Charles Rock.

Understanding the Impact of a Stroke on the Mind and Body

A stroke can do permanent damage to the brain stem and other parts of the neurological system. In the most severe cases, it can cause death. In other cases, depending on the type and severity of the stroke, permanent effects can include:

  • Weakness and loss of muscle function
  • Loss of sensation and reflexes
  • Tingling, numbness and dizziness
  • Loss of concentration and ability to multitask
  • Walsenburg’s syndrome (difficulty swallowing or speaking)
  • Locked-in syndrome (paralysis)

Many people who have had a stroke are no longer able to perform in the workplace as they did before. Previously routine work tasks may become more difficult, and many people have to leave their jobs within a few years, if not right away.

Treating Seemingly Minor Strokes as a Serious Warning

In some cases people experience the symptoms of a stroke but do not have the lasting effects, even when they receive no immediate medical treatment. This kind of stroke is called a transient ischemic attack (TIA), also known as a mini-stroke or warning stroke. This is a serious warning and this should be discussed as soon as possible with your doctors.

If you have had a TIA stroke within 30 days of receiving chiropractic neck manipulation, you should tell your doctor so you can be tested for artery damage.

In many cases, this damage can be partially or completely repaired. And if you have suffered any kind of stroke as a result of chiropractic treatment, attorney Charles Rock and our team may be able to help you get compensation. Contact us to learn more.