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Herniated Disks

Did Your Chiropractor Cause a Spinal Cord Injury?

Chiropractic treatment can cause herniated disk injuries, especially when the patient already has a herniated disk and the treatment makes the injury worse. If you’ve suffered a spinal cord injury during chiropractic treatment, you may be entitled to compensation.

At the Law Offices of Charles N. Rock in New York, our chiropractic malpractice attorney will help clients nationwide pursue claims against chiropractors and their insurance companies for herniated disk injuries. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with experienced spinal cord injury lawyer Charles Rock.

Understanding Disk Herniation Risks in Chiropractic Treatment

A herniated disk, also known as a slipped disk, is a spine injury that can lead to impingement of the spinal cord, causing symptoms ranging from numbness, weakness and tingling all the way to paralysis and paraplegia. These symptoms are often long-term or permanent.

When chiropractors cause herniated disk injuries, it is most often the result of making an existing injury worse after failing to recognize the preexisting condition.

Chiropractors are not medical doctors and are not bound by the same standards as the medical profession. Many of them do not adequately assess a patient’s medical history before performing treatments. Some do not even believe in the validity of conventional medicine.

Pursuing Fair Compensation for Your Injuries

If you have suffered a herniated disk injury due to a chiropractor’s failure to provide treatment that is appropriate and safe for someone in your medical condition, it may be possible to hold your chiropractor accountable for professional malpractice.

Chiropractic malpractice attorney Charles Rock and our team are experienced at investigating and pursuing chiropractic herniated disk cases. To learn more about the risk of herniated disk posed by chiropractic treatment and your options for seeking compensation, contact us today. Serving clients in Newburgh, New Paltz, Kingston, Middletown, New Windsor, and Poughkeepsie, NY.