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Truck Accidents

Truck Accident Attorney in Kingston, NY

If you’ve been injured in a truck accident that was caused by the truck driver, the trucking company or a party other than yourself, you deserve compensation for the extreme pain and harm of your injuries. Our experienced Kingston accident attorney Charles N. Rock will fight in pursuit of restitution for your harms and losses, including the ongoing effects of your injuries. Please call us for a free case evaluation at (845) 383-1170.

Was the Truck Driver responsible for the Accident?

Part of your case will be to determine who is at fault for the truck accident. As an attorney experienced in these types of accident cases, Mr. Rock understands the responsibilities of truck operators, and can determine if these responsibilities were carelessly ignored.
An 18-wheeler is the most dangerous type of vehicle that you will regularly encounter on New York’s highways. While truck drivers themselves are fairly well protected in accidents, their trucks pose a great risk of harming other people in smaller vehicles. Trucks are dangerous for two basic reasons:

  • Potential for causing truck accidents: Tractor-trailers are mechanically complex and their safe operation requires high quality maintenance and highly trained and experienced drivers. Driver fatigue, equipment malfunction and shifting loads are just a few of the common causes of truck crashes.
  • Threat of life-altering physical injuries: Crashes between trucks and smaller cars or pedestrians often cause catastrophic, and sometimes fatal, injuries. Brain, spine, back and neck injuries are just a few of the life-altering truck crash injuries that occur.

When you come to us for a consultation, we’ll examine the details of your accident to determine who should be held responsible for causing your injuries.


Fighting for Restitution: Fair and Just Compensation after a Truck Accident

If you have been seriously injured in a truck accident, or if a loved one was injured or killed in a truck accident, you probably want to know what to do after the crash. Our Kingston truck accident lawyer can guide you through the process of recovering and rebuilding after the accident, by helping you seek effective medical care, securing evidence and pursuing fair compensation.
Our accident attorney has extensive experience helping clients recover personal injury and wrongful death compensation from trucking companies and others whose actions contribute to these accidents. You need an attorney like Charles Rock, who is not afraid to back down to powerful trucking operations and their intimidating insurance companies.
If you are searching for an experienced, aggressive and thorough Kingston truck accident attorney, please contact Shafran & Rock, PLLC, to schedule a free consultation.