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Resolving an Accident Case

Resolving an Accident Case

Friday, October 26th, 2012

The most common ways to resolve an auto accident case are:

Settlement: The vast majority of auto accident cases are resolved with a settlement. In a settlement, the other driver’s insurance company makes you a compensation offer. If it is fair, and if it will cover all of your injury-related expenses, you may want to consider accepting a settlement. This type of resolution is sometimes the fastest, least expensive way to recover compensation.

Trial: If you and the other party cannot come to an agreement, the case will have to be decided by a judge or jury. Although this path of resolution is less common in accident cases, it is sometimes necessary. If the other party’s insurance company refuses to offer you the amount of compensation you deserve, an attorney can fight for fair compensation in court.

Attorney Charles Rock has many years of experience with accident and injury cases, and he will know how much compensation your injury requires. If the other party’s insurance company refuses to give you enough money to make a full recovery, Mr. Rock will fight for what you deserve.

If you have been injured in an accident caused by someone else’s carelessness, please contact Charles N. Rock, PLLC, to schedule a consultation. Our experienced accident lawyer serves Manhattan and the surrounding areas.
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