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Trucking Accidents | Video Transcript

CHARLES ROCK: Of all the dangers on the highway there is none more common than the 18-wheeler. When an 80,000 pound tractor trailer runs into a stopped car, that car will immediately be thrust forward at the same speed as the truck. The injuries that result from a collision of that nature are catastrophic.

Trucking accidents frequently occur because the driver is driving beyond what the weather conditions will permit, driving aggressively, driving distracted, driving tired. It’s the duty and obligation of a trucking company to make sure their drivers are safe. When they’re not, the trucking company as well as the driver will be held responsible.

When we’re contacted by a family member of someone who has been involved in a trucking crash, we take care of the legal issues and let the family take care of their loved one. By prosecuting safety violators, we not only get restitution for our clients but we also prevent crashes from happening in the future.