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What To Do If Your Car is Recalled for Defects

What To Do If Your Car is Recalled for Defects

Wednesday, December 17th, 2014

With the recent recall of millions of defective vehicles, you might be wondering what to do if your car is involved. Your course of action will vary depending on whether or not you are the original owner and when the repair is made. There are three main scenarios:

  1. If you are the original owner of the car, you will receive a notice of recall via mail, and then you can have your vehicle repaired free of charge at any dealership that sells your car’s brand. All you have to do is schedule the appointment.
  2. If you have already fixed the defect prior the recall issuance, the automaker will be legally obligated to reimburse you, as long as you had the work done at a franchised dealer within the past year. If an independent mechanic made the repair, including yourself, you can request reimbursement with a valid receipt for the work.
  3. If you have purchased a pre-owned vehicle, you will need to find out if the recall repairs were made in the past. (Independent dealers and sellers are not required to make repairs before making a sale.) To do this, simply enter your vehicle identification number on the automaker’s website or the search tool and the system will indicate whether the repair was made or not. If not, you can follow step one.

The most important thing to realize is that getting a defective vehicle repaired is your responsibility. Sometimes however, defective vehicles remain on the road because manufacturers intentionally fail to issue recalls or do so with deliberate delay. When a defective vehicle goes unrepaired, it can cause auto accidents and turn minor accidents into life threatening or fatal incidents.

If you’ve been harmed in an auto accident and you believe your injuries are the result of a defective vehicle, our product liability attorney can help you determine if you have a valid legal claim with entitlement to compensation.

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