Halloween is here, and millions of children across the U.S. are getting ready to hit the streets and start collecting goodies.

While Halloween can be a fun time for children and parents, however, it is also a time when children face a far greater risk of being in a pedestrian accident. In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Halloween is one of the top three days of the year during which the most pedestrian accidents occur.

To make sure everyone enjoys a safe and fun Halloween this year, below are some important safety tips for children (i.e., trick-or-treating pedestrians), as well as drivers.

Halloween Safety Tips for Children

  • pedestrian crossing sign

    Never go trick-or-treating alone.

  • Only cross the street at designated locations, like at corners with stop signs, where crosswalks are and at traffic signals.
  • Only cross when you have the right of way, when cars are stopped and when you are sure that motorists see you.
  • Every time before crossing the street, be sure to look left, right and then left again to make sure no cars are coming your way.
  • Do not run on sidewalks or let yourself get distracted. Always be alert to your surroundings so you can react ASAP if there is any type of danger.
  • If you will be out at night, be sure to have a flashlight or glow stick and/or to wear reflectors or bright clothing to be as visible as possible to drivers.

Halloween Safety Tips for Drivers

  • Drive slower in neighborhoods, like at least 5 mph slower, due to the higher volume of pedestrian traffic on Halloween.
  • Watch for children and expect them not to know pedestrian safety. This means you should be prepared to brake at any time.
  • Be especially careful when entering or exiting driveways and alleyways.
  • Turn your headlights on during the early evening hours (not just as night).

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