Driving and vehicle laws are generally intended to protect motorists and reduce the risks they face or present to others on the road. Some laws that are on the books in the U.S., however, are outdated or just plain bizarre, and we’ll point out just a handful of these below

These Odd Laws May Make You Chuckle…

  1. heavy traffic on a busy highway interchange

    Check out some of the most ludicrous driving laws still in effect in the U.S.

    If you have a lantern attached to the front of your vehicle, it’s legal to drive the wrong way down a one-way street (in Alabama).

  2. It’s against the law to tie dogs to the rooves of passenger vehicles (in Alaska).
  3. After 9 pm, you can get a ticket for blasting your horn in from of establishments that serve sandwiches or cold drinks (in Arkansas).
  4. It’s illegal to jump from a car moving 65 mph or faster (in California).
  5. It’s illegal to sleep on the roadways (also in California).
  6. It’s illegal to drive black cars on Sundays (in certain parts of Colorado).
  7. It’s against the law to shoot animals from your vehicle unless you are killing a whale (in Tennessee).
  8. You can be ticketed for having a gorilla in your back seat (in Massachusetts).
  9. You can’t ride camels on the highway (in Nevada).
  10. It’s illegal to ride on the roof of a taxi cab (in Ohio).
  11. It’s illegal to leave sheep alone in a truck (in Montana).
  12. You can’t drive a red car on Lake Street in Minneapolis (in Minnesota).
  13. It’s illegal to park in front of Dunkin Donuts (in Maine).

When Drivers Break Standard Traffic Laws & Cause Accidents

The above laws, which are funny if not entirely ludicrous, are probably broken now and again in their respective states with little chances of enforcement. When, however, drivers break more common traffic laws – like those pertaining to speed limits, stopping at red lights, etc. – and end up causing car accidents, these drivers can be held accountable for compensating those who they hit.

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