Drunk driving is a persisting problem in the U.S. despite laws prohibiting it – and despite the ever increasing penalties for the people caught doing it. Perhaps, nothing may elucidate this point better than the findings that:

  • About 2 out of every 3 Americans will be in a drunk driving accident at some point during their lifetime, either as the victim or the drunk driver.
  • If no one in the U.S. drove with a BAC of 0.08 or greater, at least 7,000 lives could be saved annually.

To clarify just how and why drunk driving is so perilous, below, we’ll point out some of the ways that alcohol impairment can impair driving abilities.

The Impairments Drivers Experience When Intoxicated

1 – Impaired comprehension and judgement

a bottle of liquor, a drink glass and the car keys

Drunk driving is so unsafe because it impairs motorists’ perception, judgement and reaction times, a Kingston car accident attorney explains.

When motorists are drunk, it becomes far more challenging for them to understand what is going on around them, read traffic signs and simply interpret their driving environments. What’s more is that, with BACs as low as 0.02, drivers’ abilities to make rational, responsible decisions will start to slip.

2 – Impaired concentration

Another impact of intoxication is that it can prevent drivers from being able to focus on a single task or to coordinate multiple tasks, an ability that is pivotal to being able to drive safely.

3 – Impaired perception

Alcohol will also impact people’s abilities to see and hear, both of which are critical when driving. In fact, research has revealed that drunk drivers can lose up to one-third of their visual acuity. This can end up meaning that they miss seeing important driving cues like red lights, stop signs, etc.

4 – Delayed reaction times

When motorists are drunk, they will also usually be slower to react to their changing driving conditions, increasing the risk of a collision. In fact, some studies have indicated that drunk drivers’ reaction times can be delayed by as much as 25 percent.

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