You never expect to be hit by another vehicle on the road. But, when accidents do happen, finding out who was at fault will be crucial to determining who may be liable for compensating you for your losses (including your injuries).

Below, we’ll reveal some of the things that can assist in determinations of liability following a car accident. When you need specific answers about your options following a car accident, however, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced Kingston car accident lawyer at Charles N. Rock, P.L.L.C.

What Can Help Establish Fault after a Car Wreck

  1. rollover vehicle accident

    The police report for the accident – If police respond to an accident scene, they will typically write a report for the accident, explaining when the incident occurred, what the scene was like upon their response, etc. These reports can also include details about whether an involved party was impaired (i.e., allegedly under the influence of alcohol), had broken any traffic laws (maybe by speeding), etc. Such details can help indicate who may have been primarily to blame for a collision.

  2. Photos – If there were any pictures taken of the aftermath of the accident, these too can be helpful in proving liability. This is because pictures can indicate the point of impact of a collision, and this can be crucial to establishing which driver may have been responsible. Photos can also be important to establishing the road and/or weather conditions on the day of the accident; these details may be important to proving liability in some cases.
  3. Witnesses’ accounts – What witnesses saw can also be pivotal to determining who was primarily at fault for a car wreck. When people are not sure whether there were witnesses (or may not have been able to collect witnesses’ names/contact info after the wreck for any reason), the police report can again come in handy, as it can contain this info.
  4. An additional investigation – Ultimately, establishing liability after car accidents is not always as easy as it may seem, especially in multiple-vehicle collisions. Given that proving fault is essential to obtaining compensation, it’s important that people consult with an experienced auto accident attorney at Charles N. Rock, P.L.L.C. to find out more about their rights and options.

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