The average driver will be in about four accidents over the course of his or her lifetime, researchers have found. While this may be shocking news, being prepared and knowing what to do after a car accident can help you protect your interests and future claims to compensation.

Here’s What You Should Do after a Traffic Collision

1 – Call police.

man on the phone after car accident

If you are able to, call law enforcement authorities as soon as possible after a traffic accident. Police at the scene can help injured people get the help they need while diverting traffic, if necessary. Having them respond to the collision will also result in a police report for the accident, and this report can provide essential details (possibly even regarding liability) later.

2 – Get medical attention.

Regardless of whether you feel hurt or not, be sure to seek medical attention – either at the scene (from an EMT) or immediately after leaving the scene. Getting examined by a physician or other medical professional as soon as possible after an accident can be crucial to establishing the extent of the injuries caused by the accident later.

3 – Exchange info with the other motorists.

If possible, exchange certain personal and driving info with the other motorists involved in the collision. If you are not able to do this, however, because you (or the other parties) were too badly injured, the police report for the accident may present you with the info you need in the future.

4 – Take pictures of the wreckage.

This includes the damage to your vehicle, any other involved vehicles and any surrounding property (such as traffic lights, signs, etc.). If possible, also take pictures of the visible injuries caused by the accident. These photos can be pivotal to proving liability, as well as the damage caused by the collision, later.

5 – Report the accident to your insurance company.

Within a day or so of the accident, be sure to contact your insurer and report the accident. Auto insurance policies can have strict provisions regarding how soon collisions have to be reported, and putting off this step could cause you some big headaches later when you are pursuing an accident claim.

6 – Contact a car accident attorney ASAP.

If you can only do one thing after a car accident, it should be to contact an experienced auto accident lawyer as soon as possible. This is because a lawyer can help protect your rights while getting you on the path to financial recovery.

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