Filing auto accident claims is something most drivers end up doing after traffic collisions. For many people, however, filing these claims is not something they regularly do. This can end up meaning that they accidentally do – or do not do – certain things that could ultimately reduce the compensation they end up getting.

The following presents some of the more prevalent and pricey mistakes people commonly make with auto accident claims. If you want professional help avoiding these mistakes – or if you need help protecting your rights to financial recovery after having already made one of these mistakes, don’t hesitate to contact a trusted Kingston car accident attorney at Charles N. Rock, P.L.L.C.

Gearing Up to File an Auto Crash Claim? If So, Don’t Do the Following

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    Procrastinate reporting the accident to the insurance provider – Waiting too long to tell an insurer about a collision can violate the terms of an auto insurance policy and could even give insurers room to argue that your injuries and losses were caused by an incident that occurred following the accident (rather than stemming from the accident itself).

  2. Delay seeing a doctor for too long – This could end up creating questions regarding whether your injuries were caused by the accident, possibly complicating the ability to obtain compensation for certain medical bills or necessary future treatment costs.
  3. Give an official statement about the accident before you are ready – This could result in you saying things you don’t mean to or not saying everything you wanted to. Official statements can be used against you later, so don’t make them before you are prepared to.
  4. Admit or get tricked into admitting fault for the crash – This can greatly reduce the value of a claim, if not result in a flat-out denial from insurers. Never admit fault.
  5. Violate doctors’ orders during the recovery process – This could be used against car accident victims to try to reduce their injury-related payouts. This is because, when victims disobey doctors’ orders, it may present an opportunity for an insurer to argue that the victim was not really that badly injured by the wreck.
  6. Cash any checks an insurer may send you – This could result in you inadvertently agreeing to a settlement offer. And it could prevent you from obtaining the full amount of compensation to which you would have been entitled otherwise.
  7. Sign anything or accept a settlement offer without consulting an attorney – This could prevent you from understanding when settlements are fair versus when you should hold out and negotiate for more.

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