How Does Workers’ Compensation Work for Part-Time Employees in New York?

Workers' Compensation in New York is a system designed to support employees who suffer from work-related injuries or illnesses, providing them with necessary medical care and compensation for lost wages. For part-time employees, the Workers' Compensation process may raise questions about eligibility, coverage, and the steps needed to secure benefits. This blog post aims to [...]

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What Unique Dangers Do Semi-Trucks Pose on New York Highways?

Traveling alongside semi-trucks on New York highways is an everyday reality for many drivers. These behemoths of the road play a crucial role in our national economy, delivering goods across vast distances. Yet, their presence introduces significant risks that all motorists should be aware of. By understanding the unique dangers that semi-trucks pose, drivers can [...]

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How Do Weather Conditions Affect Motorcycle Accident Claims?

Motorcycle riding is an unparalleled experience, offering a sense of freedom and thrill that many find irresistible. Yet, this exhilarating mode of transportation comes with its own set of risks, particularly when adverse weather conditions are at play. The influence of weather on motorcycle safety and accident claims cannot be overstated. At Rock Law, we [...]

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What Should You Do If You Suspect Medical Malpractice in Kingston?

Discovering that you or a loved one may be a victim of medical malpractice can be an overwhelming experience. In Kingston, NY, where we trust our medical professionals to provide the highest standard of care, the thought of medical negligence can be particularly unsettling. Understanding the appropriate steps to take is crucial for protecting your [...]

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Are Bike Accidents Treated Differently Than Car Accidents in New York Courts?

Bicycling in New York is more than just a way to get through the bustling city streets; for many, it's a lifestyle. However, when a cyclist is involved in an accident, they face a unique set of challenges and legal considerations. At Shafran & Rock, PLLC, we often get asked: Are bike accidents treated differently [...]

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What Happens If My Neighbor’s Tree Falls in My Yard?

Over the past decade, there have been several major weather events in the Ulster County area that caused a significant amount of trees to fall. Some of these events, like in-season thunderstorms and snowstorms, were relatively predictable. Others, such as the blustery nor’easter in October 2011 or Hurricane Sandy in October 2012, were very out [...]

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Are New York’s Nursing Disciplinary Standards Too Lax?

When it comes to reviewing nurses and disciplining them for violations and incompetence, some are wondering whether state authorities - and current disciplinary standards - go far enough. These critics argue that, all too often, nurses continue to hold their licenses and are able to maintain "clean" records even after they have been disciplined. The real [...]

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Case Study: Does Your Pharmacist Have Your Best Interests in Mind?

The level of trust we place in pharmacies and pharmacists tend to be around the same level of trust we have in doctors and other medical professionals. While pharmacists have to possess various credentials and are held to high (and strict) ethical standards, however, they can - and sometimes do -  make mistakes that can result [...]

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Can Chiropractors Be Sued for Medical Malpractice?

All sorts of medical professionals - including doctors, surgeons, pharmacists and even nurses - can be sued when they make mistakes or errors that harm patients. While chiropractors are usually considered to be alternative medicine practitioners (like acupuncturists and herbalists), they too can be liable for the harm they cause patients when that harm stems from [...]

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