FDA Issues New, Enhanced Warnings for Levaquin & Other Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics

Days ago, regulators at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a new warning for Levaquin and other fluoroquinolone antibiotics, alerting the public that these drugs have been linked to “disabling and potentially permanent side effects.” As part of this alert, regulators also announced that they have approved stricter warning labels for fluoroquinolone antibiotics [...]

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Risk of Falling & Fires Are Focus of New CPSC Investigation into Hoverboards

Hoverboards seem to be everywhere these days. And while these futuristic rides may seem exciting, they may also be putting the public at a significant risk of injury. That has been the main motivation behind one the latest investigations initiated by officials at the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), which recently announced that it would [...]

2020-12-28T13:27:40-05:00February 16th, 2016|

J&J’s Ethicon Agrees to Pay $120 Million Vaginal Mesh Settlement

Days ago, Ethicon Inc., a division of manufacturing giant Johnson & Johnson (J&J), agreed to pay $120 million to resolve thousands of pending vaginal mesh lawsuits. Although the terms of this settlement remain confidential, the latest reports indicate that this offer will resolve between 2,000 and 3,000 cases filed against Ethicon. While this may be [...]

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Britax Infant Car Seats Recalled Due to Faulty Handles, Risk of Falling

Britax Infant Car Seats Recalled Due to Faulty Handles The B-Safe 35 line of Britax infant car seats has recently been recalled by federal regulators at the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). According to safety officials, these Britax infant car seats have defective carrying handles [...]

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Falls & Fires Are Among the Biggest Holiday Risks People Face at Home, CPSC Warns

The holidays can be full of joyful celebrations. They can also come with some extra risks, especially for those who go the extra mile with festive decorations. In fact, as officials at the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) have reported, during the holiday season, an average of 250 decorating-related injuries occurs every day. This means [...]

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Why Your Risk of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Increases in the Winter & What You Can Do to Reduce this Risk

More than 20,000 Americans are rushed to emergency rooms each year after sustaining carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning, and many of these emergency cases arise in the wintertime.1 In fact, winter is generally the season when people’s risk of CO poisoning sharply increases due to the increased use of wood-burning and/or fuel-burning appliances for warmth. This, [...]

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4 Important Facts to Know about the Takata Airbag Recall

Nearly one year ago, regulators at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) issued a national recall for faulty Takata airbags. Impacting roughly 23.4 million vehicles in the U.S., this recall has been slow to remedy the issue that creates a risk of these airbags rupturing and, in doing so, possibly shooting small pieces of [...]

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Defective Door Latches Cause Recall of 390k Ford Fiesta, Ford Fusion & Lincoln Vehicles

Ford Motor Company has recently recalled about 390,000 Ford Fiesta, Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ vehicles due to defective door latches. The problem with these latches is that they reportedly prevent vehicles’ doors from properly closing. This can result in doors swinging open while vehicles are in motion. According to the recall announcement: The affected [...]

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