Christmas ornaments and presents in front of the tree

The holidays can be full of joyful celebrations. They can also come with some extra risks, especially for those who go the extra mile with festive decorations.

In fact, as officials at the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) have reported, during the holiday season, an average of 250 decorating-related injuries occurs every day. This means that, over the months of November and December each year, roughly 15,000 Americans are seeking medical care for decorating-related injuries. And, in many cases, these injuries result from falls or fires.

Commenting on these risks, CPSC Acting Chairman Robert Adler has stated, “Adding safety to your [holiday] checklist can keep a holiday tradition from becoming a holiday tragedy.”

So, to help you and your loved ones stay safe and avoid holiday injuries this year, here are some CSPC safety tips to keep in mind as you decorate – and throughout the holiday season.

Tips for Preventing a Holiday Falling Accident

  • Don’t hang higher decorations if you have mobility and/or balancing issues.
  • If you will be climbing a ladder to put up décor, go over ladder safety techniques.
  • For hanging decorations (including lights) outside, be sure to check the weather first. Also, try to get some help, as outdoor decorating can come with extra challenges (like wind, etc.).
  • Keep cords for lit decorations out of highly trafficked pathways to avoid tripping hazards.
  • Avoid putting holiday decorations on or around stairways to reduce potential tripping hazards.

Tips for Preventing a Holiday Home Fire 

  • If you are buying an artificial Christmas tree, be sure to purchase one that is noted for being “fire resistant.”
  • For live Christmas trees:
    • Choose a tree that is not already dried out. And water your tree every few days (at least).
    • Place trees away from heating sources and doorways.
    • Check strands of Christmas lights before placing them on the tree. Do not put frayed strands on the tree.
    • Do not decorate your tree with flammable ornaments.
    • Unplug the tree lights every evening.

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