About 1 in every 10 residents of U.S. nursing homes will be subjected to some type of abuse or neglect while living in one of these facilities. While that may be distressing enough to consider, it can be more troubling to know that, oftentimes, nursing home abuse and neglect goes unreported due to:

  • Victims’ fears of speaking up and being the targets of further abuse
  • Victims’ inability to report the abuse due to, for instance, memory failures or other impairments.

The following infographic presents some of the latest findings about the prevalence and nature of nursing home abuse in the U.S.

We encourage you to share this infographic on social media to help promote awareness about nursing home abuse and neglect. And we invite you to contact us if you believe you or a loved one has been subjected to any abuses in a nursing home facility. We can help you fight back, hold the abuser(s) accountable and secure the justice you deserve.

The Nursing Home Abuse Epidemic [Infographic]

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