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Personal injuries come from a litany of things. They can be the result of car accidents, medical negligence, or equipment in your workplace, even when you’re doing your job right. The effects can be devastating and can take up to a lifetime to heal.

If you or someone you love has been hurt or killed by the negligent actions of another, our experienced team of Poughkeepsie personal injury attorneys can provide you with an effective legal strategy. We will defend your rights so that you can get back on your feet physically and financially.

With over 20 years of specialized legal experience, our legal teams have tirelessly fought for victims and their families to get them the compensation they deserve. We will:

  • Protect your rights with expert representation
  • Oversee your case with a tailored strategy from start to finish
  • Stand up to powerful individuals and corporations on your behalf

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Car Accidents

In 2019, deaths from car accidents in New York City saw a massive 30% rise, becoming one of the leading causes of death and injury.

  • In 2014, 683 in every 100,000 New Yorkers went to the emergency room as a result of a car accident
  • In 2013, that number came to a high of 737
  • It is estimated that one car accident happens every two minutes in New York

In a place where dealing with traffic is so often dangerous, an experienced Poughkeepsie car accident attorney is essential to avoid being outmaneuvered in the courts.

Human error is the cause of most car accidents. Accidents borne of manufacturing defects can still happen but have become increasingly rare.

  • In the internet age, accidents caused by distracted driving are on the rise—the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that nine people die every day per 1,000 car accidents caused by distracted drivers
  • Poor weather combined with inadequate vehicle maintenance can result in a death trap for pedestrians and other drivers on the road
  • Many consciously put their needs above others by ignoring traffic laws, ignoring protected bike lanes, and speeding up near pedestrian lanes

At Shafran & Rock, PLLC, our experienced team of car accident attorneys can help you deal with the consequences of an accident caused by a negligent driver. Where a doctor treats bruises and broken bones, our attorneys can deal with demanding coverage for medical bills, job loss, or lost wages due to disability or hospitalization.

A reduced capacity to earn and wrongful deaths are two of the most prevalent fears people have about car accidents, and they both require an experienced lawyer to systematically sort through.

Truck Accidents

Commercial truck accidents are among the most harrowing and destructive on the road. Truckers receive mandated training, and trucks are routinely maintained to avoid them. Still, some errors can slip through the cracks.

If you or someone you love has been involved in an accident with a commercial truck, our team of Poughkeepsie truck accident attorneys offers the best representation in New York. We are experienced in handling the cases of individuals, businesses, and families who have the devastating need to deal with a fatality or a serious injury resulting from a truck accident.

What sets truck accidents apart from every other car crash is complexity.

  • The share of responsibility can easily range from a negligent individual to international corporations with in-house legal teams
  • The truckers’ employers could be at fault for not regularly testing their drivers for alcohol and substances
  • A vehicle manufacturer can be imputed for making defective or substandard parts

Injuries from a truck accident are often severe and long-lasting. Anything that a large truck hits, regardless of whether the truck is an 18-wheeler or a slow-driving payloader, is sure to be heavily damaged. A full-sized tractor-trailer can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, and they mostly drive on the highway at high speeds.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety:

  • While truckers are only authorized to drive 11 hours at a stretch, most drive longer than allowed
  • 67% of people who died in truck accidents in 2018 were passengers of smaller vehicles
  • 74% of deaths in truck crashes involve tractor-trailers, which are significantly harder to stop than box trucks and flatbeds

Our team will ensure a swift and decisive handling of your case for maximum compensation where a negligent trucker or poorly implemented practices are involved.

Motorcycle Accidents

Injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident are easily the most life-threatening among all vehicular accidents. Unlike drivers inside the steel and alloy carriage of a car, motorcycle riders are often thrown into the road with nothing but a helmet and a jacket to shield them from sudden death.

What’s even more shocking is that insurance companies treat bikers as reckless just because they’ve accepted the risks inherent to owning a motorbike. In cases like these, our knowledgeable team of Poughkeepsie motorcycle accident attorneys is ready to defend you.

According to the New York State Department of Health:

  • An average of 16 people are hospitalized every day for motorcycle crashes in New York, creating almost $8 million in hospital fees each year
  • Around 166 people die every year as a result of motorcycle crashes
  • Motorcyclists are 37 times more likely to die in an accident compared to drivers behind the wheel

Even in a perfect world without negligent drivers, motorcyclists are more vulnerable to poor road conditions and inclement weather. They need as much protection in the courts as they do on the road.

Three-fourths of motorcycle accidents involve a passenger vehicle. These accidents cover a range of driver errors, from neglecting to look behind the car before opening a door, to overlooking blind spots before making a left-hand turn. Collisions while turning left compose about 42% of all accidents between motorcycles and cars.

At Shafran & Rock, PLLC, we will work tirelessly to ensure you receive maximum compensation for your injuries. Many riders are still heavily injured or killed regardless of whether they wear helmets in combination with other protective gear to prepare for an accident.

We will employ all legal means available to seek justice for bikers and their families who fall victim to negligence.

Workers Compensation

As a US citizen, you are protected by one of the best legal structures in the world when it comes to ensuring humane treatment if you are injured at work. Sadly, many Poughkeepsie companies who value their bottom line more than their workers’ rights are aware of this.

If you or someone you know is injured on the job and left by an employer to pay the price on your own, our workers’ compensation attorneys at Shafran & Rock will give you the legal counsel you need. We have extensive experience in navigating New York workers’ comp laws and understand how to get you maximum compensation while you recover.

Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act, workers enjoy the right to work in the safest possible environment.

  • Both the employer and employee must agree to work if an environment has safety hazards
  • The employer must train the employee or their supervisors to keep the workplace running as safely as possible
  • All employers in New York are required to provide insurance for their employees or be state-certified as self-insured

If someone else’s negligence caused your accident, you could be entitled to workers’ compensation. The New York State Worker’s compensation system covers an extensive range of injuries.

Arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and lung diseases from asbestos exposure are among the many conditions the law covers. As you approach retirement, these diseases will normally start to appear even if you’ve been doing your job right. It becomes all the more important that you consider filing for occupational disease claims.

The benefits include:

  • Cash for claimants who are unable to work for more than seven days
  • Compensation for medical care directly related to the injury including rehabilitation
  • Supplemental benefits of up to $215 for claimants most vulnerable to the rising costs of goods

Whether your injury is temporary or permanent, if your insurer is refusing you coverage for medical bills or lost wages, our seasoned workers’ compensation attorneys can provide you with the best strategy for your next step.

Fighting for Restitution

Personal injuries sustained from all kinds of accidents can exact a heavy toll on everyone around you. Beneath the mountain of medical bills, insurance exclusions, and the financial loss from days when you are not able to work, hoping for the best possible scenario can feel like just wishing for the end. Lawyers and legal teams from a negligent party can make asking for compensation feel like an exceedingly complex and daunting task.

It doesn’t have to be that way. In the aftermath of an accident, you should be focused on your recovery instead of worrying whether you can get back on your feet. At Shafran & Rock, we have a wealth of experience in fighting for compensation for victims and families hurt by the negligence of other people.

Howard Shafran and Charles Rock have devoted their lives to holding negligent parties accountable for their actions. While some Poughkeepsie attorneys split their practice into criminal defense and injury law, our team is wholly focused on injury law.

About Poughkeepsie

As the heart of Dutchess County, Poughkeepsie is home to over 45,000 New Yorkers. The city is nestled along the east bank of the Hudson River, roughly 75 miles from New York City. Founded in 1683, the city’s name means “reed-covered lodge by the little water place.”

It was once a booming port but now serves more as a commerce hub for computer components and other electronics. Poughkeepsie is also home to Vasser College and the former home of Franklin D. Roosevelt.

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