Protect Yourself in the Event of a Hit-And-Run Accident

By law, drivers are required to stop at the scene of a traffic accident, exchange the appropriate information and get help for anyone who has been seriously injured in the collision. Despite the fact, however, that failing to stop after traffic accidents can be a severely punishable crime, many motorists still make the poor choice to do this, fleeing the scene after a collision and leaving the victims to pick up the pieces on their own.

While some drivers may commit hit-and-runs because they are simply inexperienced or panicked about a crash, others may do so because they are trying to evade other issues or situations like, for instance, not having a valid driver’s license or driving drunk.

Regardless of why people commit hit-and-runs, however, victims of these accidents should know that they can rely on Kingston Hit-and-Run Accident Attorney Charles N. Rock to help them secure compensation and justice in their case.

How Our Kingston Hit-and-Run Accident Lawyer Can Help You 

After a hit-and-run accident, Kingston Hit-and-Run Accident Attorney Charles N. Rock can help you in a number of ways, including by:

  • Trying to identify and locate the negligent driver – While law enforcement officials will, of course, be investigating reported hit-and-run accidents, Charles Rock has resources like investigators who can be invaluable in the effort to identify and track down the negligent drivers who have caused hit-and-runs.When it’s possible to locate these drivers, Charles Rock can pursue claims with the responsible driver’s insurer and/or can file lawsuits against the responsible driver.
  • Pursuing claims via your insurance company – In the event that the responsible driver can’t be identified and/or tracked down, victims of hit-and-run accidents may still be able to obtain compensation for their injuries and losses by pursuing claims with their own insurers.In fact, in the event that people have “uninsured/underinsured motorist” coverage on their auto policies, they can file claims with their own insurers to cover their medical bills and certain other losses as a result of hit-and-runs.

A Word about Dealing with Insurers after Hit-and-Runs

Although you may have uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage on your auto policy and you may have never missed a premium, dealing with insurers after hit-and-run accidents can still be challenging. This is because, generally, insurance companies:

  • May be looking out for their own profits at policyholders’ expense
  • Can undervalue or deny legitimate claims for minor or immaterial reasons
  • Can assume that policyholders don’t know their rights, are willing to accept less than they deserve and won’t fight back when insurers try to devalue or deny their claims.

As a result, it’s best to work with an experienced lawyer like Kingston Hit-and-Run Accident Attorney Charles N. Rock for experienced help standing up to insurers and obtaining the full amount of compensation you deserve after hit-and-run accidents.

You Can Count on Kingston Hit-and-Run Accident Attorney at Charles N. Rock, P.L.L.C.

Have you or someone you love been injured in a hit-and-run accident? If so, you can turn to Kingston Hit-and-Run Accident Attorney Charles N. Rock for aggressive legal advocacy and effective help. With Kingston Hit-and-Run Accident Attorney Charles N. Rock on your side, you can rest assured that he will:

  • Provide you with personalized legal representation and honest professional advice
  • Keep you involved at every stage of your case
  • Stand up to even the most intimidating, powerful opponents on your behalf
  • Work relentlessly to help you obtain the best possible resolution to your case.