If you want to hold your chiropractor responsible for malpractice that caused you to have a stroke, taking legal action is a strong option. Until negligent chiropractors recognize and confront their dangerous therapies, it will continue to be necessary to send them and their insurance companies a strong message about their responsibility to their patients.

At the Law Offices of Charles N. Rock, we hold chiropractors accountable by bringing personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits on behalf of chiropractic stroke victims and their families.

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Experienced at Obtaining Evidence for Chiropractic Stroke Claims

If you have suffered a stroke soon after receiving chiropractic neck manipulation, a connection between the two is very likely. However, in order to hold your chiropractor responsible, you will need more evidence in your favor. Our chiropractic malpractice lawyer will take the following steps to get that evidence:

  • Have a stroke specialist test you, if your treating doctor hasn’t already done so, to determine whether there has been any damage to the vertebral arteries to your brain.
  • Consult a neurologist and either a vascular surgeon or radiologist to determine whether your injuries likely resulted from the thrust and force of chiropractic neck manipulation.
  • Consult a chiropractor to determine whether you were at risk that the chiropractor should have known, or if the procedure that was done on you was done improperly and whether the treatment gave rise to a professional duty to provide necessary information so that you could give permission, informed consent for the treatment you were about to receive.

Our malpractice attorney works with excellent, dependable experts throughout the country to get our clients properly evaluated so that the chiropractor will be held accountable in court and the jury can hold them legally responsible.

Prepared to Do Whatever It Takes to Seek Compensation for You

What will happen as your case progresses depends on the details of your situation and the attitudes of the parties. Many cases resolve by settlement, but this cannot be predicted at the outset, and although we always pursue a fair and just settlement, our chiropractic malpractice team prepares as though we are going to trial.

Attorney Charles Rock and our team prepare every case with the assumption that it will go before a jury. We also aggressively pursue settlement negotiations, making it clear to defendants and their insurance carriers why we believe our clients deserve compensation.

If you are looking for a malpractice attorney who will hold your chiropractor responsible for conducting a risky chiropractic adjustment without properly warning you of the risks of stroke, contact us today.