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Although bicyclists represent only about 1 percent of the travelers on U.S. roadways, they comprise about 2 percent of all traffic accident fatalities, as well as about 2 percent of all the injury-related motor vehicle collisions, that occur each year in the U.S. (according to data from the National Traffic Highway Safety Administration, NHTSA). To put these percentages into some better perspective, this means that, annually in the U.S.:

  • More than 700 people are killed in fatal bicycle accidents.
  • Nearly 50,000 others are seriously hurt in roadway bicycle accidents.

What may be more alarming than these numbers are the facts that:

  • The incidence of fatal bicycle accidents has been increasing in recent years.
  • Often times, bicycle accidents would have been preventable if not for the negligence of motorists or others.

At Charles N. Rock, P.L.L.C., our Kingston bicycle accident attorney is experienced at representing people injured in bicycle accidents, and he is dedicated to working diligently to hold negligent parties accountable for his clients’ injuries and losses. If you’ve been hurt in a bicycle accident – or if you’ve lost a loved one to a fatal bicycle accident, let our Kingston bicycle accident attorney fight for you and help you secure the compensation you may deserve.

How Negligence Can Contribute to Bicycle Accidents

Although bicycle accidents can happen for any number of different reasons, when negligence is involved, it can specifically take the form of:

  • Motorist negligence – As one of the leading causes of bicycle accidents on U.S. roadways, motorist negligence can be a big problem, and it can include drunk driving, distracted driving and/or failing to comply with any traffic laws.In fact, when drivers are being careless and aren’t committed to being sober, attentive and safe behind the wheel, the risk of bicycle accidents increases significantly, as such careless drivers are far less likely to see and stop for cyclists.
  • Poor road conditions – At times, the conditions of the roads themselves can lead to bicycle accidents. For instance, when roads lack clearly marked bicycle lanes, properly functioning intersections and/or ambiguous or no signage, the parties responsible for the upkeep and safety of the roads (like cities, counties and homeowners’ associations, just to name a few) can be held accountable and considered to have been negligent.
  • Faulty bicycle equipment – Even when motorists and cyclists are being diligent and when the road conditions are good, faulty bicycle equipment can end up causing serious bicycle accidents. While equipment and/or bicycle manufacturers may be to blame when such malfunctions occur and cause accidents, so too may technicians or shops that work on bicycles (if the work they did led to the equipment malfunction).

We would also like to note here that:

  • These may not be the only forms of negligence that can contribute to bicycle accidents.
  • Even if the injured cyclists themselves may have been partially negligent and/or at fault for causing bike accidents, they may still be entitled to compensation.
  • Consulting with Kingston Bicycle Accident Attorney Charles N. Rock can help you evaluate whether negligence was involved in your accident – and, if so, what your best options are for moving forward.

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