Identifying Who Is Responsible for Lead Exposure

Lead poisoning is an entirely preventable childhood disease. Property owners have responsibilities when it comes to avoiding lead poisoning in children. Premises Liability Lawyer Charles Rock and our team are experienced at holding all types of property owners accountable for lead exposure, including:

  • Residential landlords
  • Day care centers and schools
  • Work site owners
  • Home sellers

If you believe you or your child was exposed to lead in a particular property, our premises liability lawyer can send an inspector to determine where the lead is and how concentrated it is. Even if a lead abatement has been done, our investigators often find significant evidence of more lead.

Our premises liability attorney will also make sure the health department investigates and documents their results, including photos of lead paint stamps. If possible, our legal team will take samples of the lead paint for further analysis.

Documenting Your or Your Child’s Injuries

In order to claim fair compensation for the serious symptoms of lead poisoning, it is also necessary to document the type and extent of those symptoms. Our premises liability lawyer will work with qualified neuropsychologists and other specialists to evaluate our clients’ injuries.

If a property owner caused you or your child to be exposed to lead paint or another source of lead, it may be possible to hold that person or organization accountable through a lawsuit.

Once our premises liability lawyer has your case documented, we are fully prepared to take it all the way to trial if necessary to get you the justice and money damages you deserve. Of course, when the property owner offers a fair settlement, we will pursue those negotiations.

Contact us to learn more about what our premises liability lawyer can do to help you hold a negligent property owner accountable for lead poisoning in Kingston, New Paltz, Newburgh, Middletown, New Windsor, Poughkeepsie and throughout New York.