Day care centers and schools are supposed to be safe places for your children. Their responsibilities are called “in loco parentis” (in the place of the parent). Unfortunately, all too often, in older facilities, there are walls and surfaces with lead paint on them, and children end up getting exposed to the serious effects of lead poisoning.

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Understanding Why Day Cares and Schools Must Remove Lead Hazards

When you send your child to a day care center or school, that facility stands in your place and takes on responsibility for your child’s well-being. These facilities are required to follow established standard of care when it comes to avoiding lead paint exposure. In fact, the laws and regulations that apply to day care centers and schools specifically prohibit there being any lead based paint on any surface where the children spend time.

In many cases, day care centers and schools have been held to even higher standards for removal of lead hazards than landlords. This is because of the obligations parents have to send their children to school and because so many children would be put at risk.

In places where a day care center or school has reason to believe children will be spending a substantial amount of time, it must make certain that there are no surfaces with lead paint on them. Otherwise, it will be held accountable for lead poisoning when it occurs.

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