Is Lead Exposure Responsible for Your Child’s Difficulties?

If your child is suffering from learning disabilities after being exposed to lead in the home, at school or elsewhere, it is very likely that those two things are connected. Doctors have strongly established that lead exposure can cause serious problems with learning. At the Law Offices of Charles N. Rock in New York, we represent children throughout the northeast U.S. who have learning disabilities caused by lead poisoning. If you live in Newburgh, New Paltz, Kingston, Kings County, Middletown, New Windsor, Poughkeepsie or a nearby New York community contact us to schedule a free consultation with experienced lead poisoning attorney Charles Rock.

Understanding the Impact of Lead Poisoning on Learning

Long-term lead poisoning frequently causes neurological injuries that can do serious harm to a child’s ability to learn and function in school. If your child is affected by lead poisoning, he or she may be having a hard time with skills that are essential to learning, such as:

  • Paying attention and concentrating
  • Understanding what others say or write
  • Expressing thoughts
  • Processing information

Learning disabilities caused by lead poisoning can make it increasingly difficult for a child to keep up with the progress his or her peers are making in the classroom. In severe cases, children are unable to complete high school, which affects their ability to get employment.

Seeking the Compensation Your Child Deserves

Lead poisoning attorney Charles Rock and our legal team are experienced at seeking compensation for children who have learning disabilities as a result of lead poisoning. We will work with a qualified neuropsychologist to measure the overall impact of lead poisoning on your child’s learning.

Our lead poisoning attorney in Newburgh knows what it takes to hold property owners accountable for causing children’s learning disabilities by exposing them to dangerous levels of lead. To discuss what we can do to seek justice and money damages for your child, contact us today. Serving lead poisoning victims in Newburgh, New Paltz, Kingston, Middletown, New Windsor, Poughkeepsie and throughout New York.