During the delivery of a baby, the attending physician, nurses and other medical professionals have the responsibility to make sure the baby is receiving an adequate supply of oxygen. When they fail to uphold this responsibility, children can suffer from anoxic and hypoxic encephalopathy, leading to brain damage and related long-term consequences.

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Seeking Compensation for Anoxic and Hypoxic Oxygen Deprivation

Delayed delivery is one of the most common causes of childbirth oxygen deprivation, and it can be avoided when caught early by a physician or other medical professional during birth. Once a baby’s heart rate begins to drop, the attending physician and other staff monitoring the status of the baby are responsible for making correct decisions, such as changing the delivery to a cesarean section. Failure to do so can be considered medical malpractice.

There are varying forms of oxygen deprivation that can result in side effects such as neonatal encephalopathy, brain damage and cerebral palsy. Anoxia is a total lack of oxygen while hypoxia is a partial lack of oxygen. They can both be caused by a number of situations, including compression of the umbilical cord and complications with the exchange of blood between mother and baby.

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