Birth trauma is one of the most common causes of cerebral palsy, a disability of the motor functions that can have major lifetime consequences. Many cases of cerebral palsy could have been prevented if doctors and other medical personnel had followed the standards of their professions.

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Understanding how Cerebral Palsy Develops

Cerebral palsy is a general term for a group of medical conditions affecting the motor system. While there are many different causes of cerebral palsy, oxygen deprivation during delivery and other birth traumas are among the most common and severe.

If the motor control centers of a newborn’s brain do not develop normally, the child can be left with a reduced ability to perform basic tasks involving coordinated movement.

Any time there is reason to believe a child may have suffered a brain injury during childbirth, aggressive neonatal intervention is needed to avoid or reduce the severity of the potential onset of cerebral palsy.

Even with the best care during infancy, most people with cerebral palsy need lifetime medical attention and have reduced earning potential as a result of their condition.

Helping Your Child Receive Fair Restitution

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