When a mother suffers a uterine rupture before, during or after labor, what should be a joyful occasion for a family can quickly become a life-threatening situation. Unfortunately, many uterine ruptures occur that could have been avoided by attending doctors and other medical professionals living up to their expected standard of care.

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Factors That Can Cause Uterine Ruptures

There are a number of contributing factors involved in uterine ruptures, including:

  • Weak uterus
  • Prior cesarean section
  • Prior surgery, such as fibroid tumor removal
  • Excessive use of drugs to induce labor

The misuse or excessive use of drugs to induce labor is perhaps the most troubling, as it is preventable by physicians and other medical professionals involved in the labor and delivery. When drugs are used to speed up a delivery, the uterus can suffer from hyperstimulation, leading to a hemorrhage that can require a hysterectomy or even lead to the death of the mother on the delivery table.

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