As emergency rooms have become a source of primary care for many people without insurance, understaffing and ineffective prioritizing of patients’ needs have become major problems. Unfortunately, mistakes made by inexperienced or inattentive medical staff can have major consequences for patients.

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Did Emergency Room Staff Follow the Correct Procedures?

Emergency room doctors and staff are responsible for accurately identifying and treating emergency medical conditions. These medical professionals are specifically trained in quickly and effectively diagnosing life-threatening conditions such as the following:

  • Injury complications
  • Heart attacks and strokes
  • Fractures

The first step in the emergency room process is called triage. At this stage, trained nurses evaluate patients and assign them priority for treatment. Doctors then follow a procedure called differential diagnosis in order to confirm or rule out possible diagnoses in order of seriousness.

Patients are free to refuse treatments recommended by emergency room staff, but if they do so against medical advice, they should be fully informed of what could happen and asked to sign a disclaimer.

Were You Harmed by a Delay in Treatment?

If these procedures are not followed correctly, patients may end up not receiving treatment in time to avoid serious and potentially fatal consequences. A doctor’s failure to read an EKG or other test result carefully enough may also constitute malpractice.

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