While gall bladder surgery is a common elective surgical procedure that is performed by many doctors in hospitals every day, there are still significant risks. Mistakes often happen. In the event of a surgical error, a doctor must quickly recognize what has happened and act quickly to repair the harm.

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Inflammation and Infection after Gall Bladder Surgery

Gall bladder surgery can become a life threatening when the common bile duct is cut by the surgeon mistaking it for a different duct. This leads to a bile leak or other bile-related disorders that can cause severe liver and pancreas damage and even death.

This mistake must be caught early by the surgeon or other medical staff. The more time that passes, the more harm will be done, caused by inflammation and infection. The surgery to repair the bile duct becomes much more risky and difficult when inflammation or infection is present.

Pursuing Full Restitution for Gall Bladder Surgery Malpractice

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