Gall bladder surgery, a simple surgical procedure that many doctors perform in hospitals every day, has its inherent risks like any other surgery. However, like other surgeries, when surgeons and medical staff observe a high standard of patient care, mistakes can largely be avoided. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury as a result of complications from gall bladder surgery, it is important to discuss a possible malpractice claim with an experienced attorney.

The Law Offices of Charles N. Rock in Newburgh and the Bronx helps patients and their families obtain compensation in laparoscopic gall bladder surgery malpractice lawsuits. To schedule a free consultation with gall bladder surgery attorney Charles Rock, contact us today. You will not pay a fee unless we help you obtain restitution.

Mistakes are Avoidable

While removal of the gall bladder — the procedure is technically known as a cholecystectomy — has risks like any other surgical procedure, an experienced doctor should be more than capable of removing the organ safely. A less experienced doctor may be more likely to make mistakes such as cutting or clamping the wrong duct or piercing other organs.

When these medical errors happen, the situation can cause great harm. When the situation is not handled properly, patients can suffer great harm. Mistakes must be diagnosed quickly, as inflammation and infection make repair of the damage much more difficult.

Pursuing Compensation for Gall Bladder Surgery Malpractice Victims

New York law places strict time limits on bringing medical malpractice claims forward. If you or a loved one has been hurt during gall bladder removal surgery, contact us today for a free consultation with experienced medical malpractice attorney Charles Rock regarding a potential laparoscopic gall bladder surgery malpractice lawsuit.