Compensation for Inadequate Psychiatric Ward Supervision

Suicide watch procedures and restraints are used within psychiatric institutions to protect patients with mental disorders from seriously injuring themselves. When these procedures are not used properly, the consequences can be tragic.

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Understanding Hospitals’ Responsibilities Toward Their Patients

Psychiatric wards do not, except under some very strictly defined circumstances, have a right to hold patients against their will. They do, however, have a legal and ethical responsibility to prevent patients from harming themselves.

If a patient is at risk of committing suicide or taking dangerous actions such as jumping out of a window, he or she must be supervised one-on-one and possibly restrained.

When staff members of a psychiatric ward or hospital fail to follow these procedures, patients can end up injuring themselves deliberately or unintentionally. In the most severe cases, these injuries can be fatal.

Pursuing Restitution for Negligent Psychiatric Care

Our firm is dedicated to obtaining fair compensation for injured psychiatric patients and the families of those who have died due to medical negligence. We work with qualified experts to document the applicable standards of care and how those standards were violated in our clients’ cases.

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