Performing surgery on the wrong part of a patient’s body is something that should simply never happen. Any time this occurs, it is clearly the result of negligence, and the individual or institution responsible for it deserves to be held legally accountable.

At the Law Offices of Charles N. Rock, we help patients and families pursue medical malpractice claims for wrong site surgery. To schedule a free consultation with experienced Kingston medical malpractice attorney Charles Rock, contact us today. You will not pay a fee unless we help you obtain restitution.

Understanding the Damage Done by Improper Surgery

Responsible hospitals and doctors have gone to great lengths to set up rigorous procedures for avoiding wrong site surgery. During preoperative preparation, surgeons and their staff are required to take special steps to ensure that they are operating on the correct location.

Wrong site surgery can do extremely serious damage to the patient. For instance, removing the wrong organ can make it impossible for the patient ever to have surgery on the correct organ.

Even if a procedure performed at the wrong location does not prevent the patient from eventually being operated on in the correct location, it can cause unnecessary pain and suffering, as well as the risks of infections and blood clots associated with any surgical operation.

Pursuing Fair Compensation From Doctors and Hospitals

Our malpractice firm helps patients and their families hold doctors and hospitals accountable for the negligence associated with wrong site surgery. Our surgical malpractice lawyer will work with qualified medical experts to document the exact causes and consequences of our clients’ incidents.

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