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Why You Need a Kingston Truck Accident Attorney

The reason truck accidents are so catastrophic is because of simple logistics: trucks are very large and can damage smaller cars much more dramatically than conventional vehicles can. While the truck driver might not be seriously injured, the person in the smaller vehicle generally bears the brunt of the crash. Their whole life changes in an instant, sometimes permanently.

The victims’ resulting injuries can be dire and take months or even years of physical therapy to overcome. As such, rehabilitation and recovery costs are usually intense. As a preferred Kingston truck accident attorney, Shafran & Rock, PLLC can determine what you can collect, and we make sure that you get your compensation in a timely fashion. We can also explain legal details to you and make sure you’re comfortable with every step of the process.

General Causes of Truck Accidents

Just as with conventional vehicle accidents, many truck accidents are caused by common road hazards like rain, ice, and snow. Always exhibit caution when driving in adverse conditions, and give trucks plenty of room to maneuver. Often, even good truck drivers will run into issues when navigating in adverse weather conditions. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Unfortunately, there are also additional issues that crop up when big trucks are present. These problems can spell disaster for motorists sharing the road with bigger trucks.

Often truck drivers need to go long distances without a break. This leads to fatigued driving and can even cause truck drivers to fall asleep at the wheel. Additionally, some truck drivers will speed to deliver their loads more quickly, making it much more difficult to stop or adjust their speed.

Aggressive driving or using drugs and alcohol are two other contributing factors. Although many companies regularly test their truck drivers for drugs, some use substances recreationally or to stay awake. If you are in an accident with a truck driver who is under the influence, you should be eligible for additional compensation.

Common Truck Accident Injuries

Truck injuries tend to be worse simply because you’re involved in an accident with a larger vehicle. Generally, the recovery time is longer and your immediate injuries are a lot more pronounced.

Common injuries include burns and broken bones as well as whiplash. Some people suffer from brain injuries or are crushed during the accident. When this happens, the recovery time is much longer because there needs to be extensive physical and mental therapy, and occasionally limbs must be amputated.

In very bad cases, people can injure or even sever their spinal cords. One of the key reasons why it’s so important to find a Kingston truck accident attorney with plenty of experience is that you could be paying for medical bills your whole life if your truck accident leads to paralysis.

Determining Responsibility

As with most road accidents, it can be challenging to pin down direct blame when you’re dealing with a truck accident. Many times, several different factors play into the accident.

New York State allows victims to get compensated by all of the players that cause the accident, even if their role is indirect or minor. Negligent or careless truck driving are only two factors. Motorcyclists, bicyclists, or pedestrians could also be liable.

Victims can even get compensation from the government if the roads aren’t properly maintained, or if there are unresolved transit issues that contribute to your accident. Knowing your rights in cases like these is truly half the battle.

Most people don’t know all of the ins and outs of what happens after an accident, which is why Shafran & Rock, PLLC is a great Kingston truck accident attorney to have in your corner. We know exactly what to do to get you the money that you deserve after a horrific truck accident.

Filing Your Claim in a Timely Fashion

It’s essential to file your claim quickly, especially if a truck accident causes you bodily harm. Even if you don’t experience initial pain or discomfort, go to the hospital and get checked out. Sometimes symptoms don’t appear right away, and you will want to have proof that you went to the hospital.

Statutes of limitations vary state by state, and New York is fairly generous in that it allows you to file a claim within three years of the incident. If your collision is with an out-of-state truck, the rules may be different. Make sure that you contact a lawyer immediately after your accident and follow their instructions. This way, you won’t miss out on any compensation.

How We Can Help You

At the Law Office of Shafran & Rock, PLLC, we specialize in helping victims of truck accidents get the compensation and support they need after a serious crash. We can ease your mind and give you precise, actionable instructions on how to get the money that you deserve after an accident.

We will forensically look into your accident, quickly determining who is liable for your damages. Our lawyers leave no stone unturned and won’t rest until you have the compensation that you deserve. We’ve handled countless cases and pride ourselves on being a voice for the victims.

When calamity strikes, you need a good team on your side. Turn to a Kingston truck accident attorney who you can trust completely. Shafran & Rock, PLLC is here to help! If you are involved in a truck injury, contact us at 845-383-1170 for a no-pressure, free consultation.