Truck crashes have many different causes, and if you have been seriously injured and want to seek restitution and claim compensation for your injuries, it is important to identify exactly what happened in your specific case.

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Understanding What Causes Trucks to Go Out of Control

There are many different hazards that can cause truck to crash. That is why truck drivers, trucking companies, shippers, municipalities, property owners and other parties have special legal responsibilities when it comes to truck safety.

Common truck accident causes include:

  • Training and supervision of truck drivers: Trucking companies are required to make certain that their drivers are safe and qualified to handle large commercial vehicles. They are required to follow the federal motor carrier safety regulations. When they don’t, they can cause serious crashes and they will be held responsible because of their failure to abide by those regulations.
  • Driver fatigue and work conditions: When professional drivers spend excessive hours on the road, just like anyone else, they become fatigued. Driver fatigue is extremely dangerous. It causes truckers to lose concentration while driving and is associated with drivers who abuse drugs and alcohol.
  • Equipment malfunction: A tractor-trailer is a mechanically complex machine with parts that wear out due to the extraordinary stresses of the loads they carry and haul. Trucking companies and drivers must conduct routine inspections and provide regular maintenance to avoid tire blowouts, brake failures and other malfunctions.
  • Improper loading and weight shifting: Shipping companies, trucking companies and truckers are all responsible for making sure freight is properly secured initially and during transit. Unsecured loads and improperly secured loads cause sudden shifts and thereby cause loss of the driver’s control.
  • Poor road conditions and construction: Poorly maintained roadways, obstructed site lines and sudden or unexpected obstructions on the roadway are dangerous to all drivers. In some cases, the state and or municipality can be held responsible for crashes caused by these conditions.
  • Weather conditions: Heavy rain, snow and other weather conditions cause visibility problems including glare and limited views. Truckers must be particularly careful when these conditions exist, and most trucking companies and state & federal regulations mandate extreme caution. When the regulations are violated and a crash ensues, the driver and often the trucking company is accountable and can be held responsible for the consequences.
  • Driver distraction: Communication devices like cell phones, citizens band (CB) radios and other devices that provide direct communication between the truck and the dispatching company prevent drivers from focusing on the road.

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