Understanding the Impact of Trucker Fatigue on Accidents

When truck drivers have trouble keeping their eyes open and concentrating on the road due to fatigue, they create major dangers for everyone else on the road. When they start keeping false log books and using drugs to stay awake, someone must step in and stop them.

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Holding Employers Responsible for Pushing Truckers Too Hard

Driving a large commercial truck requires a great deal of attention, which over time can cause drivers to become seriously fatigued. That is why the federal motor carrier safety regulations require regular rest periods and set limits on how many hours per day drivers can drive.

Many trucking companies pay their drivers by the mile. This creates an incentive for drivers to violate the regulations by driving more hours (and faster) than permitted.

When trucking companies create these dangerous circumstances by incentive based pay or similar inducements for driver productivity, they are responsible for their drivers When drivers falsify their log books, trucking companies have ways of confirming their driving time. When they don’t investigate and a truck accident ensues, the trucking company must be held accountable and responsible for the harm they cause.

Identifying Possible Drug or Alcohol Abuse

In some cases, truck drivers try to cope with their fatigue by using drugs and alcohol. They may use pills to stay awake or other drugs to control their moods. The use of drugs and alcohol substantially increases the risk of a driver causing a crash.

Drugs and alcohol impair a driver’s judgment, which a major impact when that driver is in control of a vehicle that is hauling tens of thousands of tons.

A truck driver’s ability to deal with regularly occurring challenges — such as adverse weather conditions, shifting of loads and heavy traffic — is sharply decreased by drug and alcohol abuse.

Truck accident lawyer Charles Rock and our investigators will carefully look into evidence that the driver in your truck accident was suffering from fatigue and possibly using drugs or alcohol. Contact our legal team serving Kingston, New Paltz, Newburgh, Middletown, New Windsor, Poughkeepsie and communities throughout New York to discuss what our truck accident lawyer can do to hold truckers and their employers responsible for negligence.