Was your crash with a truck caused by a mechanical breakdown? This is not an accident.

A tractor-trailer truck is a complex machine with many interacting mechanical systems. Trucks are designed to carry heavy loads long distances under variable road and weather conditions. Their equipment must be carefully maintained in order to continue working properly.

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Drivers Are Responsible for Keeping an Eye on Equipment

In order for a commercial truck to be operated safely, its equipment must be checked and in some cases adjusted on a regular basis to avoid malfunction. On longer hauls, this needs to be done by the driver while the truck is in transit. Systems that need to be checked include:

  • Brakes
  • Hitches
  • Tires
  • Air pressure
  • Freight-securing devices

All of these systems will malfunction when they are not carefully and properly maintained. Regular equipment inspections are required by the federal motor carrier safety regulations, and trucking companies are responsible for making sure their truckers know and follow these rules.

Trucking Companies Are Responsible for Routine Maintenance

In addition to training and supervising drivers, trucking companies are also responsible for conducting general maintenance on their trucks between hauls. Unfortunately, when companies are in a rush to get their trucks back on the road and these responsibilities are overlooked, the result is a crash.

There is no excuse when a trucking company fails to protect the safety of others on the road by ignoring the routine maintenance on its trucks.

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