Poorly Secured Truck Loads Cause Serious Wrecks

Many truck crashes are not accidents. Crashes occur when heavy loads shift within trailers or on top of flatbeds, throwing the entire vehicle off balance. Truck drivers, trucking companies and shippers avoid these accidents by ensuring that their freight is properly loaded and secured.

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Understanding the Importance of Regular Checks

When a tractor-trailer is hauling freight, the majority of the total weight of the truck is typically concentrated in the load that is being hauled. That makes it extremely important to make sure the load is carefully secured so as to avoid sudden weight shifting.

The weight of a large load shifting substantially within a moving truck can throw the cab out of control and flip or jackknife the tractor-trailer.

That is why — on long enough hauls with heavy loads — truck drivers have a legal responsibility under both the federal motor carrier safety regulations and New York state law to periodically check and make sure loads are secured and that the weight will not shift.

Trucking companies, in turn, are guilty of negligence when they do not make sure their drivers are properly trained and supervised in their responsibilities.

Determining Who Loaded the Truck and When

In some cases, shipping companies will provide loaded trailers that are hauled away by trucking companies that only provide the cab and driver. In these cases, the shippers are responsible for making sure loads are initially secured at the point of loading.

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