Injured by a Negligent Truck Driver?

Trucking is a sophisticated industry, and heavy commercial trucks are capable of causing major damage when they crash. That is why trucking companies have strong legal responsibilities when it comes to the actions and inactions of their employees.

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Understanding the Legal Responsibilities of Trucking Companies

Trucking companies can be held legally responsible for failing to meet their obligations when it comes to truck driver training and supervision of their conduct. There are many requirements placed on trucking companies by federal and state law, including:

  • Training: Trucking companies must make sure their drivers are trained in both driving large commercial vehicles and in the requirements of the federal motor carrier safety regulations, which address issues such as hours of service, log requirements and much more.
  • Monitoring devices: The federal regulations require that trucking companies install electronic control modules (ECMs) on their trucks to track hours of operation, speed, hard braking and other data. Some companies choose to install additional devices such as GPS devices, electronic log books and vehicle onboard radar (VORAD).
  • Background checks: Trucking companies are also required to conduct thorough background checks of the driving records and more of anyone they hire to drive their trucks or haul their cargo.

If a trucking company has information that in any way suggests that a driver is substandard, driving dangerously or behaving unsafely, it must take action to correct the problem or get the driver off the road.

Holding Negligent Employers Accountable for Crashes Caused by Their Drivers

In most cases, a personal injury or wrongful death claim for a trucking accident is primarily directed against the trucking company. That is why it is important to understand how trucking companies are accountable for the training and supervision of their drivers.

If a truck driver caused your accident by driving while fatigued, failing to inspect loads or otherwise behaving dangerously, the trucking company may be legally responsible.

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