Investigating a Trucking Accident Scene on Your Behalf

Truck accidents leave behind many types of physical evidence and recorded data that can be used to support an injured person’s claim for compensation from the responsible party. The availability of this evidence, however, can decrease over time.

At the Law Offices of Charles N. Rock, our Kingston semi accident lawyer will move quickly to secure evidence from truck accident scenes so we can get all the information we need to represent our clients. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with experienced New York personal injury lawyer Charles Rock.



Our Firm Works With Experienced Experts to Secure Evidence

We have a team of qualified experts throughout New York whom we can call upon to assist us in securing evidence after a truck accident. There are several different types of experts who are typically involved in the investigation of truck accident cases.

  • Accident reconstructionists will identify, measure and record evidence such as skid marks, gouges and knocked-down signs. Using this evidence, they will develop an explanation of exactly how the accident occurred.
  • Trucking industry experts will identify and attempt to download any data that may have been recorded by the truck’s onboard devices.
  • Aerial photographers can, in some circumstances, obtain images that assist in the documentation and reconstruction of the accident.

The experts we work with have extensive experience securing and documenting evidence on behalf of plaintiffs in personal injury cases.

Time Is of the Essence When It Comes to Securing Evidence

Typically, within an hour of a truck accident, the trucking company will have sent out a rapid response team to conduct their own investigations. To level the playing field, it is important for your attorney to get someone to the accident scene as quickly as possible.

Certain critical information — such as data downloads from onboard computers — will end up in the possession of the trucking company, which is required to keep it for only six months. Preserving this data is crucial to protecting your interests.

To avoid losing critical information and begin the process of securing evidence of your truck accident circumstances so you can make a personal injury claim, contact our New York truck accident lawyer today.