Understanding the Tactics Trucking Companies Use

At the Law Offices of Charles N. Rock, our Kingston trucking accident attorney has built a strong record of representing people injured by others negligence. There are also insurance defense firms that focus their attention exclusively on assisting trucking insurance companies fight meritorious personal injury and wrongful death claims. Because the injured victim has the burden of proving their case, the insurance defense firms often defend by preventing the injured party from obtaining necessary evidence. This is one of the reasons why retaining an experienced truck accident attorney is so important.



These firms often advertise and recruit business by having rapid response teams that will fly to the scene of a truck crash to investigate within an hour of being notified of the crash. In order to stand up to the trucking company and keep the playing field level, you will need to quickly get your own advocate who can make similar efforts.

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What Happens After a Trucking Crash

A rapid response team — also known as a rapid deployment force — is an industry name for a service that insurance defense law firms provide to trucking insurance companies. These teams typically consist of accident scene investigators, aerial photographers and lawyers.

The moment a trucking company is aware of an accident, it will contact its insurance company, whose law firm will typically have a rapid response team in place within an hour.

These teams work on behalf of insurance companies and trucking companies to obtain information from accident scenes that is used, whenever possible, to help fight any personal injury or wrongful death claims that crash victims may bring.

Why You Need Your Own Advocate

The fact that insurers are willing to pay for the services of trucking company rapid response teams demonstrates how seriously they take truck accident cases. In some cases, they have even been caught tampering with evidence to avoid liability for negligence.

The best way to stand up to an insurance company that has the resources to use a rapid response team is to retain your own attorney. When you hire us, we will move immediately to secure the evidence needed to tell your side of the story.

If you’ve been injured in a truck accident, you need investigations done on your behalf by experienced experts. Contact our New York personal injury attorney to start the process.