No matter your line of work, there is always a chance you will sustain an injury. The level of your injury depends on the type of work you do and where you work. But even if you do not work in a risky profession, you could still have an accident.

When an accident happens, you need to follow the proper steps to take care of your medical expenses. New York law has different protections in place for businesses, so you need a Kingston workers’ compensation attorney on your case. Shafran & Rock should be one of your first calls after an accident. They know your rights, and who is liable for your injuries.

The steps you take following an incident at work are crucial to the success of any workers’ compensation case. Instead of proceeding alone or depending on responsible parties to compensate you properly, you need a team of professionals on your side.

Why You Need a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

An injury at work can cause lasting pain and loss of income. Who will pay your medical bills or keep your lights on if you cannot return to your job? If you suffered an injury at your place of work, chances are you are not responsible for those injuries.

To discover who is responsible for your damages, you need an attorney with experience in workers’ compensation cases. A Kingston workers’ compensation attorney is familiar with New York laws protecting employees. They have experience getting clients the compensation they deserve to pay for their injuries and the ripple effects of those injuries.

They also know the evidentiary process, the insurance company process, and the steps to take to file a workers’ compensation claim for you.

Each case is unique, but with Shafran & Rock’s 20 years of experience in workers’ compensation cases, they know how to navigate the legal system.

Types of Workplace Accident Injury Cases

Often when you have an injury at work, you might write it off as part of your job and use your insurance to treat your injuries. You might not even tell anyone at work about it because you do not want to lose your job. But if you work in an unsafe environment or someone else is responsible for your injury at work, you need fair compensation.

That said, there are different levels of injury, and only an experienced Kingston workers’ compensation attorney can tell you if you have a case under New York law. So, it’s essential to contact them immediately following any injury that is no fault of your own.

Here are some examples of workers’ compensation claims for which you could receive a claim.

  • Incidents on construction sites
  • Slipping and falling
  • Exposure to dangerous chemicals
  • Injuries resulting from repetitive motion
  • Back and neck injuries
  • Electric injuries
  • Excessive heat or burns
  • Vehicle accidents

What to Do After an Accident

In New York, there is a well-defined process for workers’ compensation claims. What you do after an accident is crucial to the success of your case.

The first thing you must do is seek medical attention for your injuries. This action starts the documentation process to back up your claims and evidence to support you. The second thing you must do is tell your manager or supervisor about your incident at work.

Telling your boss establishes the time and place of the incident and begins the workman’s compensation process. It also starts the clock on your compensation claim.

According to New York law, you have 30 days after your accident to file a workers’ compensation claim. So, time is important to track, and immediately contacting a Kingston workers’ compensation attorney can mean the difference between the success or failure of your claim.

How to Collect Damages

There are two ways a Kingston workers’ compensation attorney at Shafran & Rock can help you receive compensation for your damages. The first is through a compensation claim.

Workers’ compensation is an insurance policy available to all workers. It covers medical expenses and lost wages for those hurt at work. If you choose this route, you cannot sue your employer for further damages, such as pain and suffering. Obviously, this claim is easier to collect because the insurance is already there, and the employer loses nothing by using it to make you whole again.

Although it is easier, you still have to prove your case. Since you want to be sure to get the maximum you deserve, a workers’ compensation attorney in your corner is necessary.

You would not want to agree to damages and find out later that you could have received more. Or worse, you could have to cover any leftover expenses.

Personal Injury

Another option to collect damages after a workplace injury is through a personal injury claim. Technically, you cannot file a personal injury case if you have workers’ compensation.

But if you have an injury at work, and a third party is also to blame, you could file a personal injury claim against them. Some of the expenses covered under this claim include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Psychological trauma
  • Life enjoyment loss
  • Relationship consortium loss
  • Disfigurement and dismemberment

The New York licensed attorneys at Shafran & Rock will help you sort out which claims apply to your unique case.

What Makes Shafran & Rock the Right Choice?

The Kingston workers’ compensation attorney staff at Shafran & Rock have about 20 years of experience to bring to your compensation case. They care about your well-being, and they know how to pursue damages for you in a New York court of law.

One of the first things you want to do when you sustain an injury at work is to call Shafran & Rock to get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

The workers’ compensation window is brief, so time is important for your claim. Call the Law Office of Shafran & Rock at 1-845-383-1170 to get a consultation from our dedicated legal team. We want you to succeed in your claim. Call today.