When you lose a loved one, it can be devastating. That is especially true if they die because of someone else’s neglect or carelessness. If your loved one has an accident that leads to their death, you may have a case for wrongful death.

But if you are in the throes of grief, it is hard to focus on who Is responsible. You need a Kingston wrongful death attorney who can steer your case in the right direction and give you a chance to grieve. After all, if someone else is at fault, they must account for their actions.

And while money could never replace a person you love, you may have a right to financial compensation. That money can help with the unexpected expenses that come with planning a funeral and serve as a punishment for a wrongful deed.

Why You Need a Wrongful Death Attorney

You have lost someone in a sudden accident at the hands of another, and it is devastating. So, you need someone on your side who knows how to bring a wrongful death suit and someone you can trust.

A wrongful death case can involve complicated factors, and the burden of proof is on you to prove your loved one died because of someone else’s negligence. But, don’t confuse a wrongful death case with a criminal case, which decides the defendant’s guilt or innocence.

A New York wrongful death case can succeed whether or not the responsible party is guilty in a criminal case. You need a Kingston wrongful death attorney who knows New York law and can help you build a case against the responsible party. They know the process and are the best choice for a positive result.

Shafran & Rock understands your pain. Bringing a wrongful death suit is sometimes necessary to have justice for your loved one. And the fact is, final expenses cost money.

You may also have to pay off your loved one’s debts, and their death might have left you without support. You shouldn’t have to suffer financially because someone else caused your loss.

That is why you need an attorney who has experience in these types of cases and can guide you during this difficult time.

Types of Wrongful Death Cases

When you have lost someone you love, it is natural to look for who is at fault. Sometimes, the blame is clear if your loved one died due to someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing.

To be certain whether or not you have a potential wrongful death suit, here are some examples of wrongful death cases.

  • Vehicle accidents (including bikes and public transportation)
  • Medical malpractice
  • Animal bites
  • Pedestrian incidents
  • Slip and falls events
  • Accidents on a construction site
  • Workplace deaths

This is not a complete list. So, if you have had a death in your family and it was someone else’s fault, reach out to a qualified lawyer specializing in wrongful death suits.

What If They Blame My Loved One?

Sometimes the defendant will blame the deceased for the accident or wrongdoing, and they might be right. But that does not mean you cannot start a wrongful death case.

New York is known as a comparative negligence state. That means the law hands liability out to everyone responsible based on how much blame they deserve. For instance, if your loved one carries half of the blame, the other party also carries half.

In that case, the damages your attorney seeks will be cut in half. Therefore, a wrongful death suit does not depend on whether the defendant is 100% to blame. It depends on whether they share any of the blame.

Who Can File for Wrongful Death in New York?

In New York, the people who can file for wrongful death include children, parents, a spouse, or someone who represents the estate of the deceased. If the victim does not have those family members, New York extends the claimants to siblings or other relatives.

Your Kingston wrongful death attorney at Shafran & Rock will know who can make a claim, and the steps they have to take.

It is important to note that claimants have only two years in the state of New York to file a wrongful death case. While that might seem like a long time, it is best not to delay. Time can fly by, and witnesses lost, so the best time to file is as soon as you can.

What Compensation Can I Expect?

The amount of compensation you could receive from a wrongful death case in Kingston varies. Many factors figure into the bottom line. Your wrongful death attorney will be familiar with them all. While the amount might be different, the damages should be fair and relate only to the plaintiff’s loss.

Some compensation you can expect to see includes:

  • Lost future wages
  • Loss of future benefits
  • Loss of expected inheritance
  • Funeral expenses
  • Burial costs
  • Medical bills

What Makes Shafran & Rock the Right Choice?

The Kingston wrongful death attorney staff members at Shafran & Rock have close to 20 years of experience in wrongful death claims. They are not only familiar with personal injury wrongful death cases in New York, but they care about you and your loss. They know this is an unimaginable time for you, and they want to see you get the compensation you deserve.

When you call Shafran & Rock for your consultation, the caring staff will listen to your story and give you an honest assessment of your options. Then, they will guide you through the process and take care of everything. All you need to do is trust that their number one priority is to see you get justice.

Call the Law Office of Shafran & Rock at 1-845-383-1170 for a consultation with our experienced legal team. We are on your side and will look out for you. Call us today!