Anytime you hit the road – as a driver, a passenger, a rider/cyclist or even a pedestrian – you face some risk of being in a traffic accident. While this risk can be minimal as long as you are focused, sober and diligent about complying with traffic laws, it generally increases during the summer season, regardless of your behaviors.

Below is a look at just some of the reasons that car accidents are far more likely to occur during the summertime.

Why There Are More Traffic Collisions in the Summer

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An experienced Kingston car accident lawyer takes a look at why drivers’ risk of traffic accidents increases during the summertime.

You are far more likely to be in a traffic wreck during the summer months because:

  1. There are far more inexperienced drivers on the road – Namely, there are far more teen drivers (i.e., newly licensed motorists) on the roads, with some reports estimating that teen drivers spend about 40 percent more time on the roads when school is out. While teens are far more likely to be distracted behind the wheel, they also can lack the defensive driving skills that may be necessary to avoiding collisions in some situations.
  2. There are generally more travelers on the roads – During the summer, there are just simply more people on the roads. From people taking road trips to those riding motorcycles and bicycles, the roads can be far more congested, increasing the risk of collisions.
  3. Tire blowouts and other vehicle equipment failures are far more likely to occur due to the heat that comes with the summer – This is because the higher outside temperatures of the summer can cause equipment to function differently and potentially malfunction (due to, for instance, hotter air expanding within equipment, stressing or shifting parts).
  4. There are more highway work zones set up in the summer – Just as there are more travelers on the road during summer, so too are there more construction zones set up during this season (especially in New York where winter can preclude this work from occurring). These zones can create detours or other challenges to the driving conditions, which can, in turn, increase the risk of auto collisions.

Tips for Reducing Your Risk of a Summertime Collision

  • Never get behind the wheel if you are not sober or ready to focus on driving.
  • Get your vehicle maintained before the summer heat sets in or before taking longer road trips during the summer.
  • Always comply with traffic laws.
  • Always wear your seatbelt.

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