Driving in the winter can come with some extra risks. And, despite all of your efforts and plans to avoid these risks, you may end up becoming tripped up by one of them, causing you to be stuck on the roadside during less-than-favorable winter conditions.

snowy road curve caution

If this happens, having a winter safety kit in your vehicle that you can rely on can be crucial. That’s because this kit can help you contact help, remain warm and safe, and get you through the incident with minimal hassles.

When it comes to your winter driving safety kit, here’s what’s important to know:

  1. What to put in the kit – The essentials that will be needed to either get your vehicle moving, to get you help and/or to keep you safe while you wait for help should be included in your kit. Specifically, these items should include (but may not be exclusive to):
    • Tools, such as jumper cables, rope, snow chains, a hammer/screwdriver, duct tape, an ice scraper, a flashlight and batteries, etc.
    • Communication and warning devices, such as an extra charged cellphone, an extra cellphone charge, flares, cones, etc.
    • Things to stay warm and nourished, such as blankets, socks, hats, gloves, water and nonperishable food items
    • Other things, such as a radio, magazines or cards (to stay occupied), etc.
  2. Where to keep the kit – Figure out if you can access your vehicle’s trunk from the cabin. If you can, keep the kit in the trunk. If you can’t, then keep the kit somewhere in the cabin. This is important because trunk locks can freeze over in the cold, preventing you from getting to these important resources when you need them.
  3. Creating multiple kits – If you or others in your family regularly drive more than one vehicle, put together a winter safety kit for every vehicle used as a daily driver. This will prevent you from having to move the kit from vehicle to vehicle (and it’ll also avoid mishaps like forgetting to move the kit before a longer winter road trip).

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